Today we discussed upcoming events, most importantly, Friday’s event. This Friday, a variety of companies will come down to FLEET. These companies could possibly sponsor and give us money. During our FLEET “meeting” we discussed possible 6 possible ideas to exhibit. In addition, we also created a to-do list, which comprised of everything we have to complete by 7/31/2014, 5:00 PM Pacific Time. 

One of our most biggest concerns right now is creating enough exhibits as well as repairing the 2nd 3-D printer (green). Francisco and I read a manual on how to collect and 3-D print our own faces using the Kinect. Seaver also looked up similar programs and did find one called “”. Although very promising, it didn’t actually give us the file to print, so WE COULDN’T USE IT. Moving on, Seaver and Forest also looked up ideas of incorporating sound waves to 3-D printing. There was some discussion about a vase or bracelet but the whole idea is still in its beginning stage. We also started to clean up our work-space as well as load up the bus. To-Do list

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