Monday, July 28, 2014

I began the day by leveling a 3D printer to allow us to test-print a wristband successfully; we ended up not printing it to take care of a more urgent matter.  We will be having guests at out work station this Friday so we began preparing all of our exhibits and making a list of all of the tasks that we will have to complete in order to be prepared for Friday. I started to work on setting up an interactive station which would take a 3D image of a person using Processing and a Kinect to then convert the image to a file that we can

Kinect for Face Capture Project

Kinect for Face Capture Project

execute as a physical 3D print.  We successfully managed to set up the Face Capture station( 3D printed face).  Later, I installed all of the necessary  drivers and applications for the Leap Motion device for one of our computers at the work station; we will be using it to interactively make 3D printed pots with the ZPots application.  Then I went to go help Felix build a wall out of doors to organize the work space.  By completing the wall we not only made the place look more organized but we also made it look more appealing,

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