Today, was more of a mellow day to work on independent projects and what not. With no upcoming events, I spent my time getting familiar with the Rhino software. I spent time getting to know the properties of surfaces, curves, and solids, and also learning to modify objects. We interns finally agreed upon a lunch plan. What we had in mind was something, organic, refreshing, and healthy, stimulating our brains to do “strong-sauce” work on the computers. But then we realized we only had pennies and nickels to spend. As a result, we abolished all our goals and settled for a college-like diet of Maruchan Cup of Noodles. ¬†We also received another intern today from SLHS. His name is Josh Elen Tolibas. He enjoys spending time with his close (REALLY close) friend Ishmael and climbing pyramids. We got him started by placing him on modifying Shapeoko with Ishmael Rico. With outstanding effort from Josh and a some effort from Ishmael, the two made headway towards making our Shapeoko usable. With the help of Forest and his expertise on the laser printer, they were able to laser cut out parts to readjust the position of the rotary tool.

Seaver and Francisco have also been fiddling with Processing to integrate the Leap Motion and soundwaves.

Sergio troubleshooted our plywood printer as well as worked on printing pieces for his tetris project. -8/25 END LOG

He also enjoys climbing pyramids

He also enjoys climbing pyramids

Ineffable happiness.

Ineffable happiness. Welcome to Fleet. You are now one of us.


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