M5 0.8 x 25 mm Machine Screws

Today was a calm day. Everyone worked on their own project. I continued working on coming up with interactive activities with Processing and Leap Motion. We came up with an activity where someone would use their finger and the Leap Motion Sensor to control the frequency of a sound wave displayed on a computer. From there, we can save their sound wave and 3D print it for them. Lunch today was different. We decided to go for a more “college-style” meal,

Shapeoko CNC Mill

Cup Noodles. It was delicious. Towards the end of the day, Francisco, Sergio, and I went to Home Depot to purchase screws to repair the Shapeoko CNC Router. Now I know that some screws are imperial and some are metric. For the purpose of logging: the screw for the Shapeoko was a M5 0.8 x 25 mm Machine Screw.

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