3D Printing
3D Printing has grown into a $3.5 billion dollar growth industry and has been a leading contributor to the well-famed Maker Movement in the United States. With manufacturing taking a turn towards advanced manufacturing, it has allowed new economies to build here in the United States, enabling small business owners, as well as large scale manufacturers to bring their production back home. It is time to begin a revolution in making, and 3D printing is on the forefront of it.
3D Design
From architectural to product design, 3D is the new form of creating in this new economy. Entire industries are changing their standards to the world of 3D modeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and smart design. Yet our schools still support Computer Aided Design (CAD) and traditional forms of conceptualization. It is time to expose our workforce and potential workforce to the possibilities of 3D Design.
3D Scanning
3D Scanning has changed the standards of design process as well as manufacturing process. While the technologies has been around decades, it is now reaching public attention and consumer affordability. Measurements are no longer relevant, as 3D scanning technologies such as photogrammetry has allowed us to stitch together photographs to create live 3D information models. These scans has allowed us to eliminate time for measurements, to adjust and recreate designs and to create interactive experiences derived from our physical reality. The innovations are boundless as we are still exploring the possibilities of these technologies.
Laser Technology
Laser Technology is nothing new, alongside many of these technologies. Though these technologies are becoming familiar to a larger amount of people, growing the industry, thus creating more innovations. Laser Technology alone has enabled many small businesses to create highly customized products with designs you've never seen before. Laser Technology allows the user to cut, engrave and raster designs onto a various of materials including wood, plastics and glass.
CNC Technology
CNC Technology
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology uses digital information paths for tools of all kinds to follow these paths in real-time for production of all kinds. This technology has been accessible to hackers and small businesses of all kinds in creation of products from iPhone cases to furniture. With the digital shift, a larger population of individuals now have access to these tools enabling emerging applications we've never seen before.
Motion Capturing
Motion Capturing
Motion Capturing has been known to be affiliated with the movie animation industry and gaming industry. It is what creates animated characters and objects in these industries. Though many of the clients of the motion capturing industry has been researchers, medical professionals, universities and a various range of professionals. Motion Capturing can respond and track motion within tiny fractions of measurement, creating highly accurate information for developing quality solutions for a various range of applications that involve physics and motion.
Arduino Processing
Arduino has created a revolution in transforming environment into computer information, and vice versa. It is a single board microcontroller that acts as a ``middleman`` or hub for information that translates the digital world into physical reality and vice versa. This single product has allowed for many creative applications from game console alternatives to smart city sensors. Applications are still being discovered.
Automation of labor, precision accuracy, efficiency - all in one tool called robots. Robotics has allowed us to revolutionize the way we work, by freeing up our time and allowing us to focus on tasks that are more innately human. When imagining robotics, although what pops up in your head is quite literal, this also includes machines such as 3D printers, lasercutters and CNC routers. The next level of these machines is the future, a machine that will create more advanced items with less of our human labor.
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